Life is apparently anything but angelic for Gigi Hadid, according to a new report. The model is reportedly getting iced out by her fellow Victoria’s Secret models while they prepare for their fashion show, and it’s just awful!

Why are they being so mean to Gigi?

“They’ve frozen Gigi out,” a source told Star magazine. “[The Victoria’s Secret models] are jealous over her silver-spoon upbringing and how easy she’s had it — they’ve been slaving away for years, but she dates a couple of pop stars and then boom, she’s an It Girl? They’re over her.” Poor Gigi! Mean girls are apparently everywhere, even when you’re adults!

Rude! Gigi’s little sister Bella Hadid, 20, is also walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, for the first time. But apparently her experience with the crowd has been far more fun than Gigi’s! How is this fair? “Bella’s been given the industry stamp of approval because she’s naturally much skinnier and more high fashion, so the girls accept her,” the source told Star.”

Well that’s unfair! Bella is gorgeous, and one helluva model, but so is Gigi! Plus, they come from the same background. This is a total double standard. But Gigi’s a total professional and rocks every runway she comes across. We think she’s going to be just fine, no matter what she allegedly has to go through at work!

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