In the sequel to the film Director Oleg Stepchenko “Viy” one of the main roles is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The second part of the film, called “Journey to China”, is removed together with China, and it will be possible to meet and other celebrities. The main role, as in the first part of the movie, will play British actor Jason Fleming.

“Shooting with Schwarzenegger are in China. With him in the film “Wii 2” is removed and another Hollywood star — Jackie Chan. In the film “Wii 2″ the benefit of the best Chinese actors: Synthon Yao, the brothers of Liu, Zhang Lansing (champion of China Taekwondo 2004). In addition, the most active part in the creation of a movie takes Jackie Chan and his company JCE Jackie Chan, responsible for the Chinese block shots,” — said the press service of the producer of the film Gleb Fetisov .

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