Oh HEY there. Remember that rumoured-but-not-yet-officially-confirmed-by-either party relationship between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom?

It all started when they chatted in a very cosy manner at the Golden Globes. We're talking entirely unnecessary cheek to cheek contact (there's no way Katy's hearing is that bad) and loads of laughter.
Then Katy and Orlando were papped on holiday in Hawaii, holding hands. Meaning it's legit. It's happening. They are an actual thing, despite the lack of 'WE'RE A COUPLE NOW' type announcements on Instagram or Twitter.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom flirting at golden globes
And now, the Mirror reports that the Katy/Orlando relationship has just been taken up a notch. Things have just got really, really serious. This isn't just a fling anymore.
Because - apparently - Orlando has introduced Katy to his mum.
According to the Mirror, last Tuesday Orlando and Katy were spotted with Orlando's mum, Sonia, at the Stag and Huntsman, a pub in Hambleden, Buckinghamshire. They had a nice meal, then enjoyed some drinks.
Meaning, in case you missed that subtext, Katy is already so comfy with Orlando that not only is she cool with meeting his mum - she's also up for getting merrily tipsy in front of her. No terrified, tense sips of tap water here.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom flirting at golden globes
Katy apparently flew in from the U.S. especially for the meeting (and probably some proper fish and chips, let's be real), and a customer at the pub told the Sunday People that Katy and Sonia were "getting on like a house on fire."
You guys, this could actually last. We need to come up with a couple name, stat. Korlando? Orty?

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