Pop star Anastacia has shown her mastectomy scars for the first time, as she stripped off for a stunning black and white photoshoot.

The singer and recent Strictly Come Dancing contestant – who has beaten breast cancer twice – revealed the scars in the new issue of US magazine Fault – saying she felt ‘extremely empowered’ doing so.

In an interview for the magazine which accompanied the shoot, the 48-year-old confessed: ‘I’m so nervous to let people see them, I really am, but I want to be able to go on the beach and not have the first photographs taken of my body to be ones that I didn’t give.
After today, paparazzi can take a photo of me breathing in and call it a gut or say all the things they want, that doesn’t scare me – but my scars are a part of me and I want to be the one to reveal them.

She added: ‘If paparazzi photographed them before today, I’d feel like I was being shamed but being able to release them this way, I feel extremely empowered.’
Anastacia went on to admit she had ‘resented’ the scars and their size, but now accepted they were a reminder of her battle with cancer.

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