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The New York Post's gossip column Page Six broke the news, with a source telling the outlet Gerard struggled to balance his sex symbol status with a relationship.

"Girls throw themselves at him," the insider revealed. "It's hard for him to constantly say, 'No. Get away from me. I have a girlfriend.'"

Gerard and former model Morgan, the daughter of late real estate developer Harry Joe Brown Jr., were last seen together on a romantic boat ride in Capri, Italy, in July (16). Since then 47-year-old Gerard has attended numerous red carpet events, such as GQ France's Men of the Year Awards 2016 last week (23Nov16), but has opted to go solo.

The Scottish heartthrob has his fair share of famous exes. He has previously been romantically linked to stars including Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston and Naomi Campbell, but admitted during an interview in 2014 that his career made it difficult for him to pursue a relationship.

"It's harder to be in a relationship in this industry. It's partly my own fault, and partly the nature of the beast," he told Britain's Mail on Sunday newspaper. "It's hard when you are leaving all the time. I'm now in Australia for two months. Who wants to put up with that?

"But who says life has to be just one relationship? Maybe it's meant to have many short relationships."

Gerard added that until he finds "The One", he is enjoying playing the field, explaining: "I have not met the one princess yet. That doesn't mean I have not met a lot of princesses along the way, but not the one and only yet.

"Or maybe I have and she might come back into my life at some point. You should never rule out anything."

Representatives for Gerard have yet to respond to requests for a comment

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