Famous Actors Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp have become the new star couple claims with reference to its sources tabloid TheNationalEnquirer.

After the divorce, Jolie Johnny Depp spends much time in the mansion ladylove. “Children often call him Papa Johnny” – issued a secret mutual acquaintance celebrities. Actors have long known each other. They met while filming “The Tourist”, which played a major role.

Incidentally, it is recommended that Depp Jolie prominent lawyer Laura Wasser to divorce proceedings with Brad Pitt. Earlier, Johnny used its services in a divorce with actress Amber Heard. According to foreign media reports, the actress Angelina Jolie after her divorce from Brad Pitt has decided to switch to women.

It is reported that the star of “Lara Croft” again tried to establish relations with the model Jenny Shimizu, with whom Jolie had an affair in the 1990s. Pitt and Jolie in a relationship since 2005 and married in 2014. Actors three receivers and three own child between the ages of eight to fifteen years. Star couple divorced on 19 September. Jolie Pitt blamed the violence on their children, but in mid-November, the network has proof of the innocence of the actor.

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