Adam Driver sat down for a lengthy Interview chat with director Noah Baumbach about working with Martin Scorsese, playing Kylo Ren, and shooting Frances Ha!

and then subsequently sat down sopping wet for a photo shoot on what can only be described as a toilet in a Soviet-era mental institution. Photographer Steven Klein shot the Silence star in all his grimy glory for the magazine, and you can see the rest of his photos here, provided "visible toilet filth" is not a phrase that turns you off. It's by no means the most audacious celebrity pictorial ever created (see Tom Hiddleston as a leather-daddy Ken doll for September's Interview cover, which was also shot by Klein), but Driver is still giving you pure realness in a haunted, dilapidated YMCA. He shouldn't even have his shoes off on that floor. Let's take a closer look.

Welcome to the inside of Adam Driver's mouth. Brushing your teeth in this space seems like it would make them somehow even more dirty and plaque-encrusted? Adam Driver is the healthy tooth to this bathroom's slimy maw.  

You know when you run a bath, then realize you haven't scrubbed the tub in forever so the warm, inviting water is probably filled with soap scum and dry foot skin flakes? This photo is like that realization, except you shower in dirt and now Adam Driver is drowning in it.

This bathroom has gone too far. This is a photo of the origin of typhoid. No one should have to dry-use a toilet for a photograph, let alone while wearing wet slacks. Certainly not Adam Driver. Please pray for him.

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