Family clashes between far-fetched to divorce of Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt cost them foster children.

So, mother Pax will soon be released from prison and try to get her baby back. Maddox, the eldest son of Joliette there is someone to pick up, and if the husband with his wife will not start to behave, their nightmare may become a reality.Baeksu was only three years old in 2007, when Jolie adopted him. Then the boy’s mother su Pham Dang was sent to prison. Now the woman is preparing for the release and plans to pick up your child.
The threat to Jolie and pitt may come from the other side: despite the confident statement that the parents of Maddox, the eldest adopted boy died, it could be true. Adoption Angelina Cambodian “orphans” were preparing an agent, who took money and helped childless Americans adopt Cambodian orphans, which often really is not. He is now serving a prison sentence, and the police are looking for victims, parents who lost their children. Some of them, however, knowingly sold children for money.
“Angelina and Brad is very concerned about the activities of mother’s Pax. When Pham will demand their child back, it can do and parents of Maddox. Of course, Jolie hopes that her eldest son was an orphan when she took it, but the possibility of losing children is terrible for her and pitt” — said the insider.

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