I love everything about Amy Schumer; she’s hilarious, she doesn’t give a shit what anyone thinks and she did that weird crawling alongside Kim Kardashian prank at the TIME 100 Gala.

So I can’t think of anyone better to take on one of the most iconic figures of feminity, Barbie, and make her a bit more relatable. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Barbie back in the day. My favourite was one that I cut the hair off, drew tattoos all over and inexplicably christened Tina Turner. Sorry Tina.

But with her classic (albeit plasticky) white skin, blonde hair, big boobs and tiny waist she’s not exactly the best role model for young girls, which her manufacturers Mattel are well aware of. Casting Amy in their new movie, which they’ve teamed up with Sony to create, is just one of the steps they’ve taken to rid the doll’s stereotype.

The live-action movie is set to see the comedian kicked out of Barbieland for not quite fitting in, and plonked in the middle of the real world, where she learns – you’ve guessed it – that perfection should come from the inside, not the out and ends up much happier.

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