By virtue of their professional activities celebrities get their army of fans, who are not always positive in relation to their idol.

So, with the reverse side of fame has faced keira Knightley, which for 12 weeks regularly received postcards with images of cats, song The Fuzzy Kitty Waltz. These “gifts” were sent by Mark it, which, incidentally, also appeared near her home in London, and mewed at the door and brought the mail to the name Kira Makatapos.

It would seem that actions it didn’t contain anything sinister, but Kira said that was really scared of such unusual behavior of the fan, because he wrote on his statement.

According to the actress, she and her husband James Ryton loved their neighborhood in London, but thinking about moving because of the obsessive actions of her admirer. But decided to rely on the guards and appealed to the authorities.

James called the police during one of his visits of it, and then caught up with him on the street and detained.

To resist the man did not and the court acknowledged that guilty. Now the Brand will have to undergo compulsory psychiatric treatment, to pay a fine of £ 200 and to serve a prison term of 8 weeks.

Kira is also now able to be calm for his safety, because man was forbidden to approach her and her family closer than 100 yards.

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