Brad pitt went to court to protect their children from discussions in the media with Angelina Jolie divorce process.

As reported by the Western tabloids, yesterday, brad filed documents in family court with a request to hold an emergency meeting. Tired of discussing all the smallest details of their Angelina scandalous divorce in the media that come to journalists with her hands and injure the psyche of their children, he is planning to request the judge to conduct the case behind closed doors.

Brad requires no detail or document relating to the judicial process, could not be made public. For such a drastic step, it pushed the publication of the details of the new stage of the divorce, namely the conditions of the concluded by the spouses of temporary agreement on child custody.

Recall that it was made between spouses after the FBI stopped the investigation in relation to the Hollywood actor about his cruel treatment of children. According to the document, six children pitt and Jolie will live with their mother. The father will continue to attend therapy sessions with them and also alone every week.

As they say insiders, the publication of these parts was the last straw for brad, "brad has not taken any steps to require to change the terms of their private Angelina temporary agreement about child custody, so Angelina had no reason to publicize the details of the contract, but she still took this step".

Pitt is convinced that Angelina makes dirty linen in public for inflating of scandal and discredit the ex-wife in court, but that it hurts the psyche of their children.

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