The other day there was a rare event: former spouses guy Ritchie and Madonna have managed to come to agreement about the son.

They both decided that
16-year-old Rocco is an urgent need to do something because its behavior is clearly out of control. In the young man, at the urging of parents, found a job. This was announced the publication dailymail.co.uk.

In the end, Londoners now have the opportunity admire the son of two celebrities traveling about the streets on bike, loaded boxes and packages. The fact that Rocco, at the insistence of parents, went to work as a courier in the company Deliveroo, selling different kinds of food with home delivery. According to the informant the newspaper, the parents demanded that Rocco took any menial job just to “not hanging out after school without case”. The son of Madonna to choose between the planting area and work the courier.

For such a “hard” measure Ritchie and Madonna decided to go after last month Rocco was detained by the police. Neighbors complained to guards that on the street in their respectable quarter of the company of young people Smoking drugs substance. Arrived on the scene the guards took the boys on the crime scene with marijuana, including Rocco. He got off relatively easy, as is a minor and this is his first offense, It is only obliged to attend classes help to end the addiction to “dope”.

However, Rocco, who works as a courier, still very pleased that lives with her father in London, and not mother in America. “How happy I am to no longer live with her!” — wrote recently Rocco on his page in the social network. He’s like a shy mother, which is something so uchudit. So recently Madonna scored. Magazine Billboard Magazine proclaimed her Woman of the Year at the ceremony gave a speech, did not hesitate in expressions, what angered the audience guests. And at the end said that she is the only “Living Legend of music on Earth”!

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