Angelina Jolie is having Brad Pitt tested for drugs and alcohol four times a month during the estranged couple's ongoing custody battle.

That information came to light after Pitt, 52, filed court documents in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles to request that all records regarding custody issues be kept under seal.

The actor and his lawyers filed the papers after Jolie, 41, and her lawyer, Laura Wasser, made the decision to file an order just days prior despite knowing that by doing so it would make the details of the couple's custody agreement public.

Parts of the order, known as the 'October Stipulation,' were later published revealing details of the children's therapy, that a psychologist who specializes in child custody issues was determining the visitation schedule, and that Pitt and Jolie were undergoing group therapy sessions with the children.

Jolie's decision to file that order also revealed the details of Pitt's random drug testing.

As for why that order was filed, Pitt's lawyer claims: 'Based on Ms. Wasser's email dated December 2, 2016, the unauthorized filing of the October Stipulation was caused by [Jolie's] reaction to [Pitt's attorney] having advised her counsel that [Pitt's] time with the children should be increased.'

The court filing also claims that Jolie 'previously refused to enter into a stipulation for such an order and has instead compromised the children's privacy by disregarding a confidentiality agreement that was expressly designed to protect the minor children.'

Pitt's lawyer, Lance S. Spiegel, later writes: 'The minor children should be protected from embarrassment and stigma resulting from public access to information concerning their emotional status and their relationships with their parents.'

In his own declaration, Pitt writes: '[Jolie] and I have been unable to agree on a custody schedule and I intend to file a Request for Orders to establish a schedule unless an agreement is reached.'

He goes on to state: 'I am extremely concerned that if court records regarding custody are not sealed,  information contained therein will cause irreparable damage to our children's privacy rights.

'I am respectfully requesting that all custody-related pleadings be sealed.'

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