Theo James is opening up about the possibility of returning as Four in Ascendant, the final film in the Divergent series.

In a recent interview, the 32-year-old said that he, as well as the other original Divergent actors, likely will not return.

“My message would be ‘Thanks for the support.’ I think it’s a shame that we can’t finish the story,” he told TooFab. “But I think it’s evolving in a place where the actors that have been in the three movies probably won’t be in whatever it evolves to in the future.”

Shailene Woodley, who stars as Tris in the series, has also stated that she will not be apart of any Ascendant movie or TV series.

Theo has also been apart of the Underworld franchise since Underworld: Awakening, and he was asked if he would still be involved in any future films in that series.

“I think David’s storyline is done. I think his arc has been fully realized,” he said. “I think now is the time for the new characters that have been introduced to the story to take the helm, mainly Bradley James, who will be the next lead.”

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