Kylie Minogue is one of those lucky people who managed to overcome cancer. However, this struggle has been very difficult and taken its toll.

Now the singer may not have children. The journalists of the Sunday Times Magazine Minogue said about the pain she feels when she starts talking about children.
“When you have cancer, you have to take it for granted, — says the singer. “believe me, every time people come and say that there are many options (Kylie has in mind the ways to become a mother), you just want to scream. Of course, it’s great that there are options. This is amazing! But when you get sick and can no longer rely on the fact that the inherent nature, the availability of “options” you too will delight…”
Now great joy Minogue brings these experiences with her nieces and nephews, whom she considers almost his own.
“I guess each of us imagine might look like his kid, whether a boy or a girl. How could look my children? It’s sad, but I thought about it for a long time, and I had to accept,” added the singer.
On a question of journalists on, whether accepted these circumstances her fiance, Joshua Sass, Kylie chose not to answer by saying that this is a different topic of conversation.
Earlier it became known, when Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sass legalize their relationship.

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