Julia Roberts is reportedly headed for a very costly divorce.

Celebrity tabloids have been reporting that the actress and husband Danny Moder are moving toward a split that could cost $225 million. Reports claimed that Julia has ruled the marriage with an iron fist, reducing Moder to the role of “Mr. Mom.”

Now, apparently tired of playing on the sidelines, Moder is planning to split from his wife, who he reportedly believes is a bully.

The overdose death of Julia’s step-sister Nancy Motes may has something to do with the divorce, news outlets are reporting. Motes was public about her criticism of the family, who she said was unsupportive. One of the final tweets before Nancy’s suicide death noted that “America’s sweetheart is a b***h,” an apparent reference to Roberts.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry:

    “[Nancy Motes] had previously spoken about being bullied by Julia for most of her life over her weight and how she really had hoped that after losing 100 pounds her step-sister would stop appearing to be so disgusted by her. Instead she was still treated badly and shunned and so that’s when she took the hurt public.”

It was this treatment that reportedly led Moder to realize how badly he was treated as well. Sources said that Julia Roberts has been terrified that Danny Moder would cheat on her if she loosened her grip and as a result managed every detail of his life.

The couple has reportedly tried to save their marriage with couples therapy, but it wasn’t helpful.

Julia is also just as controlling with her kids, sources say. The actress was spotted this week taking a stroll with 9-year-old son Phinnaeus Moder, walking with her arm around the boy and later giving him a kiss.

Behind closed doors, Julia exerts tight control over her kids, even insisting that twins Phinnaeus and Hazel sleep in the same bed with her. Julia also requires that the entire family — even including her husband — to be in bed by 7 pm each night.

Sources say the control is part of the “attachment parenting” method she’s used for more than a decade.

“Although the method is very controversial, Julia swears by it,” a family friend told The National Enquirer.

Julia Roberts herself hasn’t commented on the divorce rumors.

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