Justin Bieber does not have enough bodyguards around his house to secure a military compound, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim.

We’re told it’s completely “false.”

According to the repeatedly discredited National Enquirer, neighbors of Bieber in the Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles are “pissed” that he has surrounded his property with a tremendous number of bodyguards. The tabloid alleges the area now looks like a “police state.” The magazine further claims the singer has single-handedly “ruined” the once beautiful neighborhood.

The following is supposedly a quote from one of the publication’s questionable sources. The tabloid’s seemingly made-up tipster exclaims, “The Bieb’s homestead now looks like a military war zone! Rental property in the upscale suburb goes for upwards of $85,000 a month, so imagine how pissed neighbors get about Bieber’s usual shenanigans!” The same almost assuredly fabricated source says in equally unnatural language, “Before he ramped up the insane parties, music endlessly blasting and cheesy bimbos swarming around, this place was famous for its country-like, peaceful air. Now it’s suddenly looking like a damn police state with Bieber’s menacing security goons standing guard everywhere! It’s downright intimidating, and this punk’s ruined the once-charming atmosphere of a beautiful neighborhood!”

To say the publication has an atrocious track record when it comes to reporting about Bieber is an understatement. In fact, Gossip Cop has often exposed the tabloid for its habit of printing clearly untrue stories about the singer. But before we get to furnishing just a handful of examples, it should be stated that Gossip Cop checked in with a number of friends of ours in Toluca Lake, and not one could verify that Bieber has armed his house to the hilt. Additionally, a mutual pal of ours and the superstar assures us the claim that he’s hired so many bodyguards that the neighborhood looks like a “police state” is 100 percent “false.”

In just the past six months, Gossip Cop busted the Enquirer for falsely claiming Bieber was planning his own funeral. We also debunked the publication’s absurd story that alleged Bieber insured his penis for $5 million. And if that weren’t enough, Gossip Cop also shot down the tabloid’s made-up article about Bieber moving to Amsterdam. Every one of those reports was a lie, and so is the latest that wrongly states he’s turned his Los Angeles neighborhood into a “war zone.”

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