In 2013 at the Berlin film festival actor Nazif Muic from Bosnia and Herzegovina won the prize for best male role in the film by Danis of Tanovich “the Case of life collector iron.”

Of course, the figurine is a privilege and a pleasure, however, she was not able to feed a family that is starving. Or able?

Nazif found himself in a difficult situation, his family was starving, so he decided to sell the “Silver bear” to improve their financial situation. For the award of Muic rescued 4 thousand euros. “I had to do it. My children do not have enough food, and it gave me real pain” — admitted Muic, adding that he now lives on the money he earns by collecting scrap metal. Besides, he has health problems – diabetes.

Now the actor is considering the possibility of moving to Germany. Nazif believes that his own country had betrayed him — after the triumph at the Berlin festival, he returned a celebrated man, but when Muico needed help, from it all turned away. Now the man hopes he will be able to rebuild their lives.

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