With her sultry Mediterranean complexion, long dark hair and connections to high-end fashion she fits a mould long favoured by Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

But unlike his long list of prominently placed ex-girlfriends, Georgina Rodriguez had largely flown under the radar prior to her very public display of affection with the Read Madrid midfielder in Paris last Tuesday.

The striking brunette enjoyed a romantic day out with Ronaldo, 31, at the French capital’s Disneyland entertainment resort, where they openly kissed, canoodled and strolled arm in arm.

The usually flamboyant Ronaldo drew further attention by attempting to go incognito in a bizarre wig, baseball cap and heavily tinted sunglasses – giving rise to the suggestion that he is still keen on keeping their relationship under wraps.

The fashion conscious footballer is rumoured to have met Georgina in the VIP section at an event hosted by Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, shortly after ending his short lived romance with former Miss Spain Desirée Cordero Ferrer.

According to The Sun, Georgina - who is based in Madrid - is believed to have professional ties with the Spanish capital's sprawling Gucci store

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