As it became known, at a recent ceremony “Golden globes”, Sylvester Stallone had quarreled with his brother Ben Affleck — Casey.

Who became that evening the winner nomination “Best actor in a drama or musical.” About it reported the Internet-the edition people.com.

The cause of the conflict two actors was the fact that the place Stallone at the table, where he had to sleep with his wife-to-plan administrators, has somehow been taken. When the unsuspecting Sylvester and his wife Jennifer Flavin entered room and was about to sit on their chairs, they found that there there is only one empty chair. The second was occupied by Casey Affleck, who not only thought to give 70-year-old Sylvester and his wife place but didn’t even bother though to comment on the situation. To fight is not reached, but enraged Stallone, who was humiliated in the presence of his wife, literally flew out the hall is located in the office behind the scene and watched with Jennifer the whole ceremony.
The Mood Of Sylvester was completely ruined, but it was very important to him in the evening. The thing the fact that three of his daughter Scarlet, Sistan and Sofia was elected by the Association of journalists on the role of Miss “Golden Globe”. It is said that when we considered candidates girls the organizers of the show were so enchanted by the beauty and charm of the daughters of Stallone that violation of the rules, decided to give all three the right to award one of the prizes.And Sylvester, flattered by the honor his daughters, especially prepared them for the ceremony. So the younger Scarlett, are not used to shoes with high heels, under the guidance of his father, at least 1 hour a day studied graceful to go on the “studs”. And so, in the end, Stallone was not given peace to enjoy the triumph of his father’s pride…

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