She's travelling the world to promote her new Australian film, which tells the tale of an Indian boy adopted by Tasmanian parents.

But Nicole Kidman found herself facing questions about the President-elect of the United States this week. During an interview with the BBC, the Oscar winner told journalist Victoria Derbyshire that Americans needed to support Donald Trump once he's in office.

In the closing stages of an interview in which she had spoken at length about her new film Lion, the Oscar-winner was asked what she thought of Trump. Nicole, who has dual US and Australian citizenship, called on Americans to set aside the controversy surrounding the election and support the President-elect.

The Trump team continue to make headlines in their search for stars to appear at the Presidential Inauguration on January 20, with some of those invited such as Charlotte Church taking the opportunity to take pot shots at Trump.

Nicole struck a far more conciliatory tone, calling for the nation to back their President regardless of the controversies surrounding his past and the election, saying 'whatever, however, that happened, he's there and lets go.'

The red-headed superstar then pivoted to her work as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, noting the work she has done with the UN as well as raising funds for ovarian and breast cancer.

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