It is not the first time fans shocked by rumors that the legendary Jack Nicholson.

Familiar to viewers from such films as "The Shining", "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", "The Departed" and many others, ended his acting career. But now it has hinted Peter Fonda ( "Ulee's Gold", "Train to Yuma"), announce that Jack Nicholson is no longer going to be in the movies.

Peter Fonda met with Nicholson in 1969 on the set of the film "Easy Rider" and then close friendly terms for many years already. In an interview with The Sun Foundation, he said: "I do not want to speak for him, but in general, Jack retired. He has done enough in this life (and done well), and financially he is all right ".

Jack Nicholson himself has not commented on the next break of his career and almost no public appearances. However, it should be noted that the length of interruptions of several years between the roles is not uncommon in Nicholson's career. So, before the 2010 return to the screen in the movie "How Do You Know", the actor, in 2007 rested almost three years was starring in the movie "The Bucket List". All in all, more than 70 roles, career Nicholson, 12 nominations and three "Oscar".

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