The man whose house Justin Bieber egged allegedly demanded the singer pay him $1 million, and when he refused, the guy filed a lawsuit.

As Gossip Cop reported, former neighbor Jeff Schwartz sued Bieber last week, alleging that he and his family were harassed by the singer and his bodyguards. Among Schwartz’s claims is that one of Bieber’s security guys called him “little Jew boy,” and that the superstar made the neighborhood unsafe by drag racing his Ferrari. The lawsuit comes more than a year after the egging incident, which ultimately led to Bieber paying Schwartz $80,000 in damages. Bieber also pleaded no contest to vandalism and was put on probation.

But now Schwartz says he’s suffered emotional distress due to the situation, and claims his 20-year career in the online auto industry has been tarnished by his association with Bieber. Reportedly not “satisfied” with the $80,000 he already received, Schwartz allegedly demanded $1 million to cover his new complaints. According to TMZ, Schwartz issued an ultimatum to pay up or get sued, and after Bieber’s camp refused the demand, Schwartz went ahead with his suit.

Bieber has spent the last few months doing interviews in which he’s repeatedly apologized for his past behavior, though his team reportedly denies many of Schwartz’s allegations. That said, neither Bieber nor anyone associated with him has publicly commented on the lawsuit or Schwartz’s reported $1 million demand.

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