Ariel Winter, 18, proves that natural is beautiful. The Modern Family actress posed topless in unretouched photos for Self Magazine, which were published on Jan. 19.

She publicly had breast reduction surgery in 2015, and is now proudly baring her surgical scars in a series of stunning black and white photos. Ariel has been very outspoken about her inward battle to finding confidence and opened up about how she came to accept her curvaceous frame in all it’s glory. In the stunning pics, she smiles while flaunting her rib tattoo in low-rise jeans.

Although she’s as self-assured as they come these days, it wasn’t always this easy for her. She revealed, “Growing up in the spotlight was quite possibly the worst for my self-esteem. When I started [Modern Family], I had a completely different body than what happened overnight at 12 years old. I was stick thin, I had no chest, I had no butt.” Working in the limelight made things even more difficult for her as she explained, “My body changed drastically. I was a D cup and had a bigger butt, and my waist was expanding. I automatically got this hate and judgment online.”

Luckily, Ariel had the support of her loved ones and co-stars, including Sofia Vergara, who inspired the actress to accept what others viewed as flaws. She gushed, “I had a great role model in Sofia growing up, with her being a curvy woman who was super proud of who she was and what she looked like.” We love how they’re both spreading a message of body positivity, which could help others stay strong while facing constant criticism. Keep paying it forward ladies!

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