The CW's The Flash has been its most successful show ever, and its success is in large part because of its star, Grant Gustin.

Grant won over fans immediately with his sweet yet dorky demeanor as The Flash, one of the most iconic and well known DC Comic heroes who can run faster than the speed of light. Grant races through Central City as the speedster in red in front of 3 million plus viewers every Tuesday, and many of those millions of viewers consider Grant to be The Flash they've always dreamed of from the comics. So, over social media, they defend him daily to the death, and support his every move. When a Flash film was announced last year, those same fans hopped on it right away, campaigning for Grant to star in the film, demanding he be cast. To them he was the obvious choice, so when it was announced that Ezra Miller, best known for his role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, would play the film version of Barry Allen, Grant Gustin supporters were absolutely devastated, and they took to Twitter to make sure everyone knew about it.So a Flash Feud was born, though neither of the stars had much to do with it beyond a video interview a while back in which Ezra Miller was heard commenting on Grant as The Flash, saying he'd never heard of the guy. Needless to say, Ezra's team had that video off the interwebs faster than The Flash can run. Soon, thankfully, the dust settled and all was well in Flash land. Until now.The controversy was reignited when Flash star Grant Gustin favorited a few tweets from fans saying how he would have been an amazing Flash in the film, and that they wish he had been cast. Fans took this as Grant throwing shade at Ezra and the casting of the film, and began a Twitter war over it. Well, Grant was having none of that today folks!

Grant, who is a very vocal social media actor, went straight to the source to shut down the accusations of him disliking Ezra Miller's casting in the film: Twitter. Grant took the time to type out a lengthy message to his Twitter fans, saying he doesn't like his words getting twisted, and the tweets he favorited (and since un-favorited) had nothing to do with Ezra! He also shares that, yes, he would have loved to be in the film, but as industry insiders know, that's now how film/TV work. Read his message below for yourself!

Go Grant! Way to shut down the negativity that unfortunately and all too often rules the world of social media! You see, there is room for more than one speedster in Hollywood, The Flash himself said so!
Grant is known for speaking out on his Twitter, and this was no different. He totally channeled Barry Allen in real life, and we are proud to have him as our Flash, whether on TV or the big screen! I understand why fans would be nervous about Ezra's casting, since Grant embodies the comic book Barry Allen so perfectly, but when it comes to film and TV, there are no crossovers in the DC universe. Look at Supergirl the TV show and the Superman movies, neither stars will cross over to the other even though they exist in the same universe. It's just not how DC wants to work.The Flash starring Ezra Miller is still in its very early stages of development, while The Flash TV show starring Grant Gustin is doing better than ever on The CW, even helping launch the spin-off Legends of Tomorrow!

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