The news about the imminent addition to the family Amal and George Clooney’s on everyone’s lips. Many secular observers believe that the famous couple is really ready to become parents for the first time.

Fuels these conversations surrounded by Clooney, which suggests that Amal is pregnant with twins, and (how to order) born from a boy and a girl.

While some are looking for confirmation of these words, others in full relish the new details, which were born in the whispering insiders.

For example, recently began figuring out who can be godparents for future kids. such an important role will get her sister Amal Tala Alamuddin and Clooney chooses between three close friends — actor Richard Kindom, producer Grant Heslov and husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber.

The question of how Amal and George will called the children, also agreed: a girl called Amal and George will choose a name for your heir.


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