Family Victoria and David Beckham has already become a brand role model and guide not only kinship, but also a successful professional.

Vicki and David is one of the strongest couples of our time, and no matter how much the media did not try to divorce these two stay together. The player is a bit lifted the veil of secrecy on their family relationships and admitted that he made mistakes. However, what is not said.

“We are together because we are family, raising four wonderful children. Of course, we had hard times, but we found the strength to cope with them — of course, together. Nobody knows me as Victoria. […]Will we be together just because our family has become a kind of brand? Of course not! We are still together because we love each other, “said Beckham.

Recently, David and Victoria exchanged vows of fidelity to each other. They did it in honor of the 18th anniversary of their marriage. Here is how his marriage to Vicki the athlete remembers: “It was a small party, which was attended by only six people — not compared to the feast we had in 1999. Then we were sitting on thrones with crowns on their heads… Yes, and I also had a purple cylinder. I don’t know what were we thinking”.

Recall that David Beckham married Victoria in 1999. During this time, the couple had four children -Brooklyn Joseph (17), Romeo James (14), Cruz David (11) and Harper seven (4).

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