Johansson broke up with her 34-year-old husband Romain Doriana after two years of marriage

January 25 this year, the media reported the divorce of Scarlett Johansson and French journalist Romain Doriana. Insiders, People magazine claim that the couple broke up in the summer. Nevertheless, celebrities continue to go out together.

A source told People some details, thanks to which it becomes clear why the next novel of the actress lasted a relatively short time. “Scarlett has a habit: if she had a crush on some guy, then tries to rush things,” – said a friend of movie stars.

In his opinion, this could be the cause of separation. In favor of this version say and some facts. For example, only six months after the start of the relationship, on hand, Scarlett was spotted wedding ring, six months later it became known that the couple is preparing to replenish, and after a few months after her birth, the happy parents were married. “I expect that they will break up after some time,” says a source from the inner circle of Doriana .- I never believed that Romain and Scarlett is a long time. They are not equal. Their relationship was always something wrong.”

However, despite the fact that the roads celebrities separated, they managed to keep a friendly relationship. According to the insider, they always were more friends than lovers.

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