Shia LaBeouf vowed Donald Trump would not divide us, but the museum where he held the protest did -- the 24/7 webcam has been shut down.

The Museum of the Moving Image in NYC says it turned off the cam mounted on one of its walls because it had become a "flashpoint for violence." Shia was arrested on January 25 when he allegedly got physical with a protester who showed up to oppose the movement.

There had been other physical altercations where no one was arrested -- with and without Shia -- and NYPD started patrolling the spot regularly.

He opened the display on Prez Trump's inauguration day ... standing in front of the camera, chanting "He will not divide us" around the clock. Supporters showed up, sometimes by the dozens, to help him keep it going 24/7.

His plan was to continue the protest through Trump's 4 years in office. Oh well.

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