AMAL Clooney is in the headlines as news of her pregnancy with husband George Clooney broke around the world.

On February 9 The Talk host Julie Chen revealed that Amal and George are expecting TWINS, due in June, and now George Clooney’s mum has confirmed the pair are expecting a boy and a girl.
But impending motherhood aside, the human rights lawyer has an impressive CV of case work that refuses to be overshadowed – even after bagging Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Mr Clooney.

So who is Amal Clooney? What does she do for a living and what do we know about her pregnancy?
Here’s everything you need to know about her…
Who is Amal Clooney and where does she come from?
Amal Clooney, born Amal Alamuddin, is a 38-year-old activist and human rights lawyer of British and Lebanese descent.
Born in Beirut, her family relocated to Buckinghamshire, where she was raised and went to school.
As a lawyer, Amal has worked on several high profile cases including representing Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in his extradition hearings.

She has also worked closely with the UN in backing a UK-led campaign to battle terrorist organisation ISIS.
In September 2015, she revealed that her efforts had been noticed by the terror group, and she has been the target of threats as a result.
Amal has also launched the Amal Clooney scholarship in partnership with 100 lives, which sends one Lebanese student to college each year to participated in a two-year international baccalaureate.
When did Amal Clooney get married to George?
American actor George Clooney, 55, announced his engagement to Amal in April 2014 and they married that September.
Due to George’s reputation as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, the engagement put Amal directly in the spotlight.
The pair were wed in Venice’s City Hall after holding a party to celebrate the marriage two days before – with guests including Matt Damon, Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Former mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni officiated the ceremony.
Since they got married, the duo have launched a charity foundation, The Clooney Foundation for Justice.

In January, rumours that the star was pregnant started circulating the internet when the couple stepped out for a screening of new Netflix documentary The While Helmets.
Reasons for the rumours stemmed from the belief that there was a 'bump' underneath Amal's oversized floral dress.
Attendees at the event claimed she was only drinking water.

A week before, Lebanon's Daily Star made the sensational claim that the lawyer was pregnant with twins - citing a 'family friend' as their source.
At the time the rumour was mocked by Good Morning Britain hosts Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan, who joked that Susanna was carrying twins as she stuck out her belly during the show on January 11.

In February pictures of the couple on holiday seemed to show her with a slightly rounded belly.
On February 9 The Talk host Julie Chen 'confirmed' the news that Amal and George are expecting twins.
This came quickly after the news that Beyonce was also pregnant with twins. Since then the internet hasn't been able to contain itself.
Are the Clooney's expecting twins?
On February 9 The Talk host Julie Chen revealed that Amal and George are expecting TWINS, due in June.
Now, George's mum has confirmed the pair will be expecting a boy and a girl.
Nina revealed that George and Amal shared the news with her and husband Nick Clooney, 83, during a family gathering.
“We were with them and they told us together. We were all together, and it was lovely. It was just a personal moment,” she is reported as saying.

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