It's been nearly 18 years since the 1999 sci-fi classic The Matrix took the world by storm and put the Wachowski sisters on the map.

Keanu Reeves is still kicking ass on the big screen with his hit sequel John Wick: Chapter 2 currently in theaters. It serves as a Matrix reunion, with Laurence Fishburne playing a character known as The Bowery King. Both actors reunite with Chad Stahelski, who directed the John Wick sequel and served as Keanu Reeves' stunt double on The Matrix trilogy. While promoting John Wick 2 in the U.K., Keanu Reeves was asked if he would ever consider coming back to make The Matrix 4. Here's what he had to say.

Naturally, we don't know if the Wachowskis are even considering a return to the world of The Matrix, and Keanu Reeves doesn't offer any more insight in his interview with Yahoo! Movies UK. Then there is the fact that Keanu Reeves' character Neo sacrificed himself in his epic battle against Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving), although the final scene shows The Matrix being rebooted, with The Oracle (Mary Alice) telling young Sati (Tanveer K. Atwal) that she suspects they'll see Neo again, "Someday." However, another report from last year teased that this sequel likely won't happen.

Producer Joel Silver revealed in an interview last year that he hasn't talked about continuing the franchise with the Wachowskis yet, adding that the story was "very seriously designed" as a trilogy, although he hopes there is a time when another movie could happen. Whether or not that time will come anytime soon remains to be seen, but if there becomes enough demand for a sequel, or even a new trilogy, perhaps that could coax the Wachowski siblings to returning and explore their intricate universe even further.

There was an unconfirmed report from way back in 2014 that the Wachowskis were planning a new Matrix trilogy, with the first installment arriving in 2017. Obviously, that never happened, and the Wachowskis have been keeping busy on the small screen, with the new season of their critically-acclaimed series Sense8 debuting this May. Still, it's possible that they could be coaxed back to write and direct another sequel or even a new trilogy to follow up The Matrix trilogy that captivated so many fans.

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