George Clooney live on the Late Show with David Letterman announced that he first saw Amal at his home on lake Como, writes Popsugar.

55-year-old actor, who after the first failed marriage vowed not to marry, admitted that the British lawyer was just driving him crazy. She came with a friend that I invited. After that I pursued her — call and write,” recalled Clooney. In another talk show George admitted that this meeting was very important in his life: “From the minute we met, both felt to be together”.

George made a proposal to his sweetheart six months after the start of their romance. But everything went very smoothly.

“It was one of those terrible moments… I figured it out, I had the ring, music played, my aunt rosemary was singing a song Why Shouldn’t I. it was All planned… It took 25 minutes, and in the end, I said, “Look, I hope you’ll say Yes, but I need an answer now because I am 52 and soon I might dislocate my hip.” And she said Yes, it worked, — said the actor on the show Ellen DeGeneres.

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