Kate Winslet and Idris Elba have been snapped having a right old snog while filming their new movie The Mountain Between Us.

Let’s face it, these two British megastars were destined to align in a big movie together at some point. But TBH we didn’t expect an Elba-Winslet kiss to look so darned sexy. Titanic who?

The Hollywood darlings were also seen hugging on set, suggesting this scene might be a reunion or perhaps a farewell. In the movie Kate, 41, and Idris, 44, play a writer and a surgeon who find themselves trapped in each other’s company when their plane crashes in a snowy wilderness.

And obviously, when you’re Idris Elba trapped on an island with Kate Winslet and vice versa, baby-making is inevitable. The Mountain Between Us is the latest movie to be based on a smash-hit novel, in this case Charles Martin’s book of the same name from 2010, and we’re hoping this one will have stronger dramatic chops than Fifty Shades Darker.

Idris and Kate were also been spotted having lunch together in Vancouver before filming their romantic scene. We hope neither of them had spinach in their teeth before they got to snogging.

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