Beyonce (Beyonce) and Jay Z (Jay Z) ready to birth twins. After a Grand appearance at the Grammys, Beyonce said that it no longer intends to go out before kids.

Now she spends time with family and is actively preparing for the birth of children.
Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles and best friend after the Grammy awards
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Beyonce is obsessed with shopping and has already chosen the cradle, encrusted 18-carat gold. These Cribs cost about 80 thousand Euro. In General, the arrangement of the star child’s mother intends to spend about a million dollars.
In addition to the exclusive design of the furniture in the nursery will have many modern gadgets.

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On her first-born son, five-year-old daughter blue ivy (Blue Ivy), the couple spends too little. Only one private school costs 19 thousand dollars a year. Girl goes to a school that specializiruetsya the vocal abilities of the children.
Close to Beyonce, the source said: “They moved to Los Angeles because I wanted to see their daughter went to this school.” By the way, the educational institution of the star pair were advised by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.
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We also learned that beyoncé decided to give birth to twins at home! This decision was taken after the rumour in the background of the first pregnancy of the singer. Then the singer was accused of simulation of pregnancy, and that instead the girl gave birth to a surrogate mother. And all because birthing was rented the entire floor of the clinic, and the staff has selected the means of communication that the birth took place in secrecy.

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