Shortly before the start of the ceremony “Oscar-2017” the famous Director James Cameron talked about the fact that the American film Academy too biased against blockbusters, i.e. movies that are in great demand among viewers.

Today, this same position was supported by Zoe Saldana.

Now on set, the actress can be found very rarely. All her time is devoted to family – husband Mark Perego and sons.

However, the star of “Avatar” is watching what is happening in the world of cinema. Amid protests in the Network on account of the fact that “Oscar” went to the wrong movie that deserved it, Saldana has decided to speak out and said he believes that the American film Academy is really too biased to movies that are like a million people.

“Hollywood adheres to elitists approach to content – all tend to make movies that will guarantee you a nomination or movies that will provide you the cover of the prestigious magazine, and neglects the audience who loves action films,” said Saldana.

Zoe believes that blockbusters or films about superheroes is on a far more important mission than for a highly intelligent and conceptual art: “When children try to find their place in the world, they don’t look sophisticated intelligent films for guidance. Maybe someone does, but most consider to be their role models of superheroes”.

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