Less time remains until the moment as the light will be twins Beyonce and Jay-Z. Now the couple is busy preparing for this important event.

For example, recently the family Carter-Knowles was looking for a new house and, it seems, opted for an estate worth $ 85 million.

Of course, a large focus is now on future kids, but the eldest daughter, blue ivy should not be forgotten. As they say close to the family sources, the girl very earnestly applies to all changes in life and is cranky for any reason.

“Blue ivy is already very jealous of the parents. She doesn’t like that mom pays a lot of attention to my growing belly,” says the insider.

Attempts Beyonce and Jay-Z explain to the child that this is a normal process and thus works, were not successful. But the family keeps trying to find harmony.

“Recently, the child often crying. She’s throwing huge tantrums which Jay Z and Beyonce’s huge surprise. They thought blue ivy would like that soon it will become a big sister, but in the end, they got the opposite reaction.Blue ivy is now behaving more aggressively than ever,” says a close family source.

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