Brie Larson has slammed the unfair standards handed to women by the fashion industry.

The 'Kong: Skull Island' star recalled how she was only given a "one-off piece of clothing" at her first ever photoshoot at a fashion magazine whilst men had custom clothes made to fit them.
She said: "The first time I got a spread in a fashion magazine, there was a one-off piece of clothing from the runway. I asked, 'Can you only be in magazines if you're the size of this one piece?' There was this silence.
"Men get custom suits or shirts made to fit, but as women, if you don't fit into that sample you bump up against an aspect of your career you can never blossom into. We'd all love to get out of this cycle of abuse where our mental weight is based on our body weight."
And the 27-year-old actress went on to criticise producers who told her to "come back in a mini-skirt and heels" when she turned up to auditions in sneakers.
Jane Fonda, who was interviewed by Brie for the March issue of Net-A-Porter's The Edit magazine, said: "I think it is terrifying being a young actress now. You have to get naked so much. There is even more emphasis on how you look."
And Brie agreed, adding: "Female sexuality was confusing for me. I went to auditions where they wanted a sassy, smart, sexy girl. I would arrive in sneakers and they'd say, 'Come back in a mini-skirt and heels.' I would come back and blow the audition. I felt more in my body when I wasn't dressing as a fantasy for the male gaze."

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