Naomi Watts and Liam Neeson are NOT dating, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the false story.

A headline in the current National Enquirer declares, “Newly Single Naomi Is Really ‘Taken’ With Liam!” The supermarket tabloid’s article alleges the stars are “dating,” and begins by saying, “Single mom Naomi Watts has been sharing cozy dinner dates with Liam Neeson — and could finally mend the action hero’s broken heart!”
“They have a lot in common beyond the movie business,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. “Naomi and Liam are both single parents to two boys and they’re both ex-pats living in New York.” Of course, that’s just stating the obvious — biographical information that’s readily available online.
Still, the gossip magazine goes on to allege Watts “arranged a meeting with Liam through her manager.” Adds the outlet’s supposed tipster, “Naomi likes the fact that Liam is older and more mature.” It’s worth noting, though, that the stars haven’t been seen together, despite paparazzi often following Watts around New York City.
Now Gossip Cop is told by an impeccable contact, “There is no ‘dating’ relationship here.” While it’s not uncommon for actors to strike up friendships with one another, it appears the National Enquirer got this romance tale wrong. And the tabloid has been wrong about Watts a lot.
This past October, the widely-discredited publication falsely claimed Katie Holmes caused Watts’ split from Liev Schreiber. And just last month, the inaccurate outlet erroneously alleged Watts was causing marriage trouble for Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston.

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