The decision of Angelina Jolie divorce brad pitt was a huge surprise not only to their fans around the world, but also for the actor.

As has been said by people from their environment, family Galipettes were omissions and misunderstandings, but no one never thought that the divorce did take place.

About the discord in the Union of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood and “the rite,” which they had passed a few months before the announcement of the divorce. In the beginning of 2016 Angelina and brad made himself a new special tattoo which was supposed “to strengthen their Union.” For these purposes from Bangkok to Siem reap, where the couple was taken Thai monk Ajarn Well Kanpai, which left on the body of celebrities-new mystery pictures: Jolie got three new tattoos on his back, and pitt — Buddhist symbols on the belly.

“These tattoos were designed in order to symbolically bind them as husband and wife,”he told insiders. But even rite powerless in the case where the family no longer ruled by love.

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