More than 20 years ago, parents Reese Witherspoon and I divorced when it turned out that the father of Oscar-winning actress is the illegitimate daughter.

Now stepsister “legally blonde” is trying to make me feel sorry for Reese and beg for her money, which, most likely, will spend on illegal drugs — Marcy Suites has long suffered from “a whole bunch of dependencies”.

The mother of two children repeatedly arrested for drunk driving and drug possession. One Suite even has declared to guards that were forced to be drunk to go on stage in a strip club, which has allegedly alcohol acts on it as a drug. “The condition of the Reese — more than $120 million. But only once she picked up the phone when Marcie called her and yelled at her, saying that a stripper is a disgrace to the family. Since the response of the actress on all pleas Marcy was silent,” told the insider in an interview with the American portal Radar Online.

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