A new scandal emerged in Angelina Jolie’s family. Now, there are reports that say that Angelina adopted her first child, Madox, using fake papers.

The one who claims that Angelina used fake documents is a social worker from Cambodia, the country where Angie adopted her son. His name is Mounh Sarath and he made the most shocking claims to a publication last week.
The man claims that he helped Jolie and signed the paper she needed as the father of the child. This allowed her to make the adoption with no problems. He added that he still has legal power over Madox and he showed the publication the alleged documents.
Sarath explained that he had to write a different name on the papers, but it was him who signed. These documents give him the right to be Madox’s father.
The actress didn’t respond to these shocking allegations. This is the first time something like this is being said about her children. All that Jolie said about Madox’s adoption was that she went through a lot until she succeeded.
Jolie has three adopted children and her first one is Madox. She adopted him in 2003 when she was still married to Billy Bob Thornton.
Recently, Jolie took her six children to Madox’s homeland, where she promoted her latest film. Mounth declared that it would be better for his country if the actress never visited it again.
Brad Pitt, who is now the legal father of the child, did not respond either. This scandal was definitely not needed after the divorce they went through.

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