Today Katy Perry has made a sensational recognition about their “adventures” of an erotic nature.

But this day will be remembered the singer not only for this event. The singer managed to win a dispute with the nuns about the fate of the building inactive Catholic monastery. The fact that Perry wanted to turn the building into a residential building, but the believers did not approve of the singer’s plans.

Katie took two years to settle this controversial issue. The catch was that the singer invited the Archbishop of Los Angeles Jose Gomez to buy a plot of land in Los Feliz, which is a monastery. The amount of the offer made 14.5 million dollars. But five nuns living in the monastery was strongly opposed to their “home” were sold, especially to such “inappropriate” to the buyer, as Perry. Later it became known that the rebellion was not raised by nuns, and the Bishop who changed his mind about the sale at the last moment. Jose Gomez was considered the most successful buyer businesswoman Dana Hollister.

The judge still was on the side of Perry, as she was the first in the desire to acquire the monastery.

“Judge Stephanie Boik issued a decision stating that the nuns had no right to sell the property, Hollister,” — said in a statement.

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