If you flipped out at the prospect of a Selena Gomez-designed Coach handbag (launch date still TBD), then brace yourselves for a potential, full-fledged Gomez-ified accessories wardrobe in the near future.

According to legal documents first reported on by TMZ, the performer is purportedly making moves to trademark her name, with the intent to make and market jewelry.

Gomez's production company, July Moon Productions, apparently filed paperwork to protect the use of "Selena Gomez" in music and video recordings, entertainment services, and, most intriguingly, jewelry and necklaces, per a pending trademark application on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The document includes a link to a branded choker sold on the performer's website as an example of what her to-be-trademarked name looks like in bauble form.

Given that this particular category is highlighted in the trademark application, many are speculating about whether this means Gomez is gearing up to launch her own jewelry brand. Her only big fashion venture thus far was her "Dream Out Loud" collection for Kmart, which debuted for fall '10, according to WWD. However, the performer did dabble in the merch craze for her "Revival" tour this past summer — and she has a highly-anticipated (although still under-wraps) collaboration with Coach in the works.

Outside of her massive social influence, Gomez has amassed a loyal following for her fashion choices over the years, so it's only a matter of time until she taps into that market in a more official capacity. We'll have to wait and see what plans she has for this reported trademark application. (We wouldn't hate more chokers, TBH.)
We've reached out to Gomez's lawyer and will update this story when we hear back.

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