Moreover, no one was all that interested, more than usual anyway, in Pitt's whereabouts one year ago, figuring all was status quo for the busy father of six.

That's a far cry from today, when we learned that the movie star has been holed up working dutifully on a sculpture at British artist Thomas Houseago's studio in Los Angeles, sometimes for hours on end. Reportedly while listening to sad songs, like any normal person would who might still be suffering the effects of a painful breakup. But as we all know now, just a year ago life was about to become the opposite of normal for the Oscar-nominated actor.

No one was the wiser as Pitt went about work as usual, shooting the spy thriller Allied with Marion Cotillard and Lizzie Caplan in England last April, fretting over U.S. and global politics like a lot of the rest of the world, and posing for a cover shoot for The New York Times' T Magazine that, in hindsight more than ever, co-starred his wedding ring front and center. The magazine landed on doorsteps Sept. 11. On Sept. 19, Jolie filed for divorce. And not only did she file for divorce. She asked for primary custody of their kids, which along with the split itself was the real jolt to those who thought of "Jolie-Pitt" as more than just a last name.

Within days, it turned out that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and the FBI were investigating Pitt over some sort of confrontation between him and son Maddox (undisclosed by authorities, but details trickled out later) on a private jet flying from Europe to L.A. (hence the federal interest), and all of a sudden the curtain was pulled back on what was once assumed to be Brangelina's blissful life. As parents, at least, if not always with each other. (Shooting the depressing By the Sea could've left a mark on any couple, no matter how happy, really.)

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