Who will be in the cast of Peaky Blinders season 4?

Adrien Brody will join the cast in an unknown new role. Knight teased:  “He genuinely was the actor in my head when I wrote the part. I’m sure he will be a formidable presence in the world of the Peaky Blinders.”

He will join the returning cast, which includes Cillian Murphy as gang leader Tommy Shelby. After season three’s cliff-hanger ending, it seems likely that Paul Anderson and Joe Cole will return as Tommy’s brothers Arthur and John – although it remains to be seen whether they will still be behind bars. Likewise, Helen McCrory should be back as Polly Gray, with Finn Cole as her son Michael.
But will Tom Hardy return to Peaky Blinders?

When asked whether the Taboo actor would be able to squeeze the show into his busy schedule, Knight said: “Of course. We can’t do it without Alfie.”

Hardy was pictured in Toxeth earlier this week dressed in Alfie's signature waistcoat, shirt and heavy gold jewellery. Samuel L Jackson has said that he would like to join the cast. He told the Daily Star: “I want to do some British TV. I’d love to be in Peaky Blinders. That’s a great show.” One character who isn’t likely to return is Tommy’s wife Grace, who was brutally shot dead by an Italian gangster during the last season.

Many fans have speculated that Grace’s death was faked, and actress Annabelle Wallis has offered her take on the conspiracy theories. She said: “I have so many friends so obsessed with the show so I’ve had all these theories thrown my way of how: there’s no funeral or he’s done it to protect her.

“Some people are so devastated by her death that I’ve had to give them hope.

“So I’m just gonna go ‘maybe’ and hold onto my conspiracy theories.”

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