Amber heard and johnny Depp decided to leave last spring. The settlement of all disputes pair took over six months

Of course, it was a difficult period, which everyone has experienced in their: Depp visually seemed generally moved away from the situation, Hurd was too close to the heart. Amber was so worried that I was melting right before our eyes. Now that divorce proceedings come to an end, the actress is gradually coming back to form, but the main pirate Hollywood began to fail.

Recently, the Network appeared shots of the actor, who made his fans to sound the alarm. The fact that the photo Depp looked skinny and gaunt, little was like the johnny we’re used to seeing in recent years.

Fans assume that the actor has changed because of two stressful moments of his life – his divorce from Hurd and financial problems.

The fact that after hearing about the disaster artist, he blamed his managers in the fraud. Depp has filed a lawsuit against employees of the Agency TMG, which for 17 years, allegedly embezzled nearly $ 30 million. Those, in turn, filed a counterclaim and stated that spending a fabulous artist.
Anyway, we hope that johnny will be able to recover, will regain previous form and settle all disputed issues that interfere with his calm and measured existence.

Earlier we told you that Depp has his eye on the young actress.

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