George and Amal Clooney could be the ultimate next door neighbours after they reportedly paid for a neighbouring couple to stay in a hotel while they carried out building work in their Berkshire mansion.

The 55-year-old Hollywood actor and his 39-year-old human rights lawyer wife packed John and Clare Gove off to a luxury hotel while their Berkshire home underwent renovations.

According to the Daily Mail, John, 58, and Clare, 49, spent almost a month in an old converted pub – a safe sound-barrier distance from their home as neighbours George and Amal called in builders to their own £20 million home.

The 19th century building where John and Clare were put up reportedly charges £225-per-night for guests to stay and is favoured by the rich, famous, and politicians.

“It is a known fact in the village that the Clooneys’ closest neighbours were very stressed by the building work,” a local resident whispered to the Daily Mail.

“But the Clooneys have given a lot back to the community since they moved in. They paid for the Groves to stay in [the hotel] during the building work and they often use the restaurant’s staff for their private dinner parties,” the source added.

And it seems the Clooneys’ generosity didn’t end there.

“They have even paid to have the road damaged by the builders’ lorries to be completely re-laid,” the source said.

George and Amal will soon have some loud noise of their own as they are expected to welcome twins this year.

The couple – who married in a glamorous Venice ceremony in 2014 – were revealed to be expecting their first children together in February.

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