Even though we never really had any doubts about it, Anne Hathaway recently confirmed that our very own Kim Kardashian West was a lovely lady.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress touched upon working with the reality TV star on next year's explosive new release Ocean's Eight.

Apparently, #KimKardashian made a brief appearance in the heist comedy film and seemed "so sweet" to Hathaway. Her exact words were:

However, while it's wonderful that Anne is sprouting heart-warming sentiments right, left and center as the entire world basically goes to shit, we mustn't forget a time when she actually threw some serious shade at the Kardashian-Jenner family on Instagram.

Last year, she was forced to delete a controversial post in which she provided her wonderful fans with the advise to be the Helen Bonham Carter "in a world of Kardashians."

With that beef aside though, and turning back to the #Oceans8 release — slammin' into cinemas on June 8, 2018 — it looks like Kim's model half-sister Kendall will also be making a momentary cameo in a movie starring Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes, Cate Blanchet, Sarah Paulson, Olivia Munn, Mindy Kaling and our favorite bad gal Rihanna.

Let's just hope the Jenner has a can of Pepsi handy in case she's forced to solve any tough disputes on set.

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