A student who made a "prom-posal" to Emma Stone has gotten his answer.

High school junior Jacob Staudenmeier re-created the opening scene of "La La Land" to make his plea to the actress to attend the prom with him. All he needed was a few cars to make it look like he was in a traffic jam, some friends and a reworking of the words to the movie's opening number, "Another Day of Sun." "People say I look like Ryan Gosling and maybe that's a bit far-fetched," Staudenmeier sings while decked out in a tux and some shades. "Please don't let me down, it'd be in your hometown."

The prom will be April 29 in Phoenix, and Staudenmeier said he was willing to throw in dinner at Olive Garden to sweeten the deal. Stone, who won the best actress Academy Award for her "La La Land" role, is from nearby Scottsdale. Staudenmeier appeared Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America" and read a letter he received from Stone with her response.

She called his stunt "the greatest proposal I've ever received." "I can't tell you what an honor that was and how much I smiled throughout that beautifully orchestrated video," Stone wrote. "I'm in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom and I'm grateful you thought of me." Even though the actress can't attend, she did have some heartening words for Staudenmeier. "Thank you and P.S., I do see Gosling around the eyes," she wrote.

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