Alleged nude photos of Kate Hudson leaked online as part of the widespread hacking victimizing an increasing number of celebrities.

The batch of pictures show a woman said to be Hudson both clothed and completely naked. The clothed snapshots seem undoubtedly authentic, and at least one has appeared on the actress’ Instagram account. But the nude pictures, depicting a blonde-haired woman in a sauna, barely show the person’s face.

Gossip Cop has reached out to Hudson’s rep to find out about potential legal action. The apparent leak comes amid several others affecting notable Hollywood names. Nude photos of Miley Cyrus emerged on Tuesday, as did naked pictures of Suki Waterhouse. A naked video of Rosario Dawson also surfaced.

These new violative incidents follow a spate of hackings last month, which targeted Amanda Seyfried, Emma Watson, Dylan Penn, Katie Cassidy, and many more female stars. A number of the victims understandably sought or are currently seeking legal intervention, including Seyfried, Watson, Analeigh Tipson and Rose McGowan. It has yet to be confirmed but it appears that all of these privacy invasions are linked.

The origin of the leak, however, has not been established. All of this comes a few years after the so-called “Fappening,” the massive hacking and nude photo scandal that rocked Hollywood in 2013 and 2014. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, dozens of stars were affected and two men were convicted for their involvement.


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